Ádám Misch


He was always searching for something, scratching the surface of what one may call reality. His concept of truth was what lay beneath the varnish he used, which was perpetually labeled and classified by individuals who had nothing better to do. I don’t think he ever cared whether his art was an example of ‘lyrical expressionism’ or just an ‘expressive lyric’. His sole aim was to express ideas and emotions through mediums provided by nature. /Antal Lux/



1960-1965 Hungarian University of Arts and Design

Selected Exhibitions

1998 Gallery 13, Budapest 

1996 Csepel Gallery, Budapest 

1995 VSZM Cultural Center, Budapest

1995  Rathaus, Gerlingen

1995 Goethe Institut, Budapest  

1994 Galerie Steinwerk, Bissingen

1994 Zeitgenössische Ungarische Kunst, Galerie art club, Burgwedel 

1994 Kunst aus Ungarn, Osnabrück

1994 Bartl-Lux-Misch, Galerie Pankow, Berlin

1993 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

1993 Inter-art Galerie, Stuttgart

1992 Südostdeutsches Kulturwerk, München

1992 Galerie Künstlergilde, Esslingen

1992 Galerie Grüne Schlange, Schopfheim

1991 Galerie Grüne Schlange, Schopfheim

1991 Kapos-Art, Kaposvár

1990 Pápai Gallery, Pápa

1989 Csepel Gallery, Budapest

1989 Lamberg Castle, Mór

1988 Galerie Ermitage, Nyugat-Berlin

1988 Galerie im Alten Schaller, Stuttgart

1987 Hincz Collection, Vác

1986 Lamberg Castle, Mór

1985 Csepel Gallery, Budapest

1985 Rondella Gallery, Esztergom 

1984 Gallery 21, Budapest

1984 Cultural Center, Pilisvörösvár

1983 Workers' Home, Csepel, Budapest

1980 Cultural Center, Érd

1980 G. Pleven, Bulgária

1979 Ferencváros Basement Exhibition, Budapest

1979 Pécsi Gallery, Pécs

1978 Bercsényi 28-30. Gallery, Budapest

1977 Kisduna Gallery, Budapest

1976 Hall of Art, Győr

1976 Csepel Gallery, Budapest

1975 Castle Museum, Nagytétény

1975 Kleine Galerie, Tübingen

1974 Galerie Köppen, Nyugat-Berlin

1973 Galerie im Atelier, Nyugat-Berlin

1967-1968 Galerie Ammergasse, Tübingen

1964 City Gallery, Tübingen (Federal Republic of Germany)

Awards, accomplishments

1994 Life Achievement Award of the Foundation for National and Ethnic Minorities in Hungary

1993 Niveau Prize of the Foundation for National and Ethnic Minorities in Hungary 

1992 Prize of the National Association of Hungarian Artists

1985 Plaquette of Targoviste City

1983 Main Prize of the Spring Collection 20th district of Budapest 

1982 Spring Collection Prize, Museum of Pesterzsébet

1980 City Prize of Magdeburg

1977 For Socialist Culture award

1978 For Socialist Culture award

1974 City Council Award of the Colony of Artists in Győr

Teaching Activity

From 1973 to his death he served as the trusted head teacher of Csepel Művek Képzőművészeti Szabadiskola

Artistic Memberships

1994 Founding member of Dialogue Hungarian German Art Association

1992 Joined VUdAK (Association of Hungarian German Writers and Artists), presided over the fine arts section 

1990 Became the leader of the international artist colony at Barcs, directed it until his death

From 1979 to 1984 he participated in yearly artist colonies in various towns in Bulgaria

1979 Organized the steel sculpture artist colony section in the Wagon and Machine Factory in Győr

From 1973  the associate of Népművelési Intézet and a member of the executive board of Budapest Amateur Fine Arts Circles (president in 1984)

1973-1980 Member of the Győr artist colony

1965-1971 Member of Young Artists Studio Association, received their scholarship for two years

Led several artist colonies for amateurs (Telkibánya, Királd, Siófok)