Áron Gábor


Áron Gábor works and lives in Budapest and Badacsonytomaj. His works contain powerful pictorial graphic elements, as well as a natural and facile use and rhyming of the different mediums – which is the influence of Mikós Erdélyi and the Indigó group. His paintings, graphics, experimental films, and installations use the source of the sliding and mirroring of the different layers into each other. Strong color contrasts, cold and warm color effects are built into his works, which are applied with gold and silver, operating with very delicate transitions in the details.



1989 Exhibition and Study Trip in USA and Canada

1985 Study in England

1984 Study Trip in Italy, Germany and Switzerland

1983 Study Trip in Finland

1981 Graduated from the Fine Art University in Budapest

1979-86 Indigo Group led by Miklos Erdely

1968-75 Study drawing at the Moholy-Nagy Studio from Ernő Fisher

Selected solo Exhibitions

2023  Körkérdés, Műcsarnok, Budapest 

2023  Mélység vonzásában, Zsdrál Art Galéria, Balatonfüred 

2022  Gondolatok a fejről, Fészek Galéria, Budapest 

2022  TÉR-KÉRDÉSEK A selection of works from the last four decades, Faur Zsófi Galéria, Budapest 

2022  TÉR-KÉRDÉSEK Szín-tézis series, B32 Galéria, Budapest 

2020  Elevenedés Szín-tézis series Bartók Boulevard, Faur Zsófi Galéria, Budapest 

2019  Contrasts II., G.Heller Zsuzsa képzőművésszel, Révfülöp

2018 Dialogue Gallery Zsofi Faur, Budapest

2016 ‘Poll’ Book Launch and exhibition, Gallery Zsofi Faur, Budapest

2014 ‘Under the Spell of Depth’, Gallery Raiffeisen, Budapest

2014 ‘Whisper in the Ear’, Gallery Zsofi Faur, Budapest

2013 ‘ Light Labyrinth’, Zsofi Faur Gallery, Budapest

2011 'Unexpected Happenings', Zsófi Faur Gallery, Budapest

'Synthesis', Centro Arte Lupier, Gardone Valtrompia, Italy

2009 'Synthesis', G13 Gallery, Budapest

2008 'Light processes' Judit Virág Contemporary Gallery, Budapest

2007 'Light Stream' Fészek Gallery, Budapest

2004 'Mediterráneum Rome-Badacsony-Lisbon' Csikász Gallery, Veszprém, Hungary

Il Café Europe - Centro Di Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy

Hungarian Academy, Rome, Italy

Gallery Virag Judit, Budapest

2003 Haworth Hungary, Budapest

G. Heller Zsuzsa-Gábor Áron, Die Botschaft der Republik Ungarn, Berlin

2002 Visible and Invisible, Vadnai Gallery, Budapest

2000 Picture Gallery (Kiscelli Museum), Budapest

Painting and Sculpture, Schloss Gutenberg, Austria

1999 Art House, Pécs

1998 Ernst Museum, Budapest

1996 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

1995 Pandora Gallery, Budapest

1993 Pécs Gallery, Hungary

Pandora Gallery, Budapest

1991 French Institut, Budapest (FMK), Budapest

1989 Video Installation, French Institut, Budapest

1987 Studio Gallery, Budapest

1985 Young Artists Club (FMK), Budapest

1983 Hungarian Culture Institute, Helsinki

City Gallery, Porvo, Finland

1982 Videoton Culture House, Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Selected group exhibitions

2023  Landing International Exhibition, Faur Zsófi Galéria, Budapest

2023  Evocations A nomadic Exhibition Project, International Exhibition: Shazar Gallery - Naples, ltaly; Galerie Brugier-Rigail - Paris, France; Galeria Petra Seiser - Attersee, Austria; Faur Zsófi Galéria - Budapest, Hungary

2023  Kölcsönhatások, Művészetek találkozása keresztül Európán, Csigó Malom, Gyulakeszi

2023  Tendencies, Reök Palace, Szeged

2023  My Imaginary Land, Faur Zsófi Galéria, Budapest

2022  Nekem a kint- Nekem a bent, Faur Zsófi Galéria, Budapest

2021  Bak Imre x Gábor Áron, Káli Cool, Káptalantóti

2021  20 years 20 stories 20 artists, Faur Zsófi Galéria, Budapest

2021  One artist - Ones designer, Faur Zsófi Galéria, Budapest 

2020  Exhibition in Káli Cool, Káptalantóti 

2020  25 years- 30 artists, Vizivárosi Galéria, Budapest 

2020  Resident Art Garden 2020, Lovas

2019  Hommage a Fischer Ernő, Mester Galéria, Budapest

2019  Dentro il disegno/ Inside the Drawing, Saluzzo, Olaszország

2018 Gesicht-Volto Gallery Martin Mertens, Curated by Lóránd Hegyi, Berlin, Germany

2017 HARD END SOFT exhibition, Gallery Zsofi Faur, Budapest

2017 Private collection of Istvan Hoffmann, Kunsthalle

2016 Hungarian Artists and the Computer, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

2015 Artists and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 Hungarian Consulate New York

Overture Hungary-Imago-Mundi Exhibition in Venice, Italy

2014 Art Fair, Busan, Korea

Waldsee 1944, Cruel Correspondence, 2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Megapixel, Vizivárosi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2013 Viewing Angles, Vizivárosi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2012 Graphic Biennale of Győr, Győr, Hungary

2011-12 'Paperworks' - Zsófi Faur Gallery, Budapest

2011 Paper Panorama, Judit Virág Contemporary Gallery

Graphic Triennial of Győr, Hungary

2010 Painting Biennial Szombathely, Picture Gallery of Szombathely

'Art Fanatics' - Contemporary Private Collections - Kunsthalle, Budapest

2009 'Hungarikons' - Museum of Literature, Budapest

'Tolerance in Art' - Exhibition of Contemporary Slovakian and Hungarian Artists, Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia

'Black and White I.', G13 Gallery, Budapest

ÉS Exibition, Bartók 32 Gallery, Budapest

Selection from the Contemporary Art Collection of István Hoffmann, French Institute, Budapest

2008 Hommage á El Kazovszkij, Várfok Gallery, Budapest

Budapest Art Fair, Judit Virág Contemporary Gallery, Budapest

Graphic Biennale of Miskolc, Miskolc, Hungary

2007 'ARTINACT' Opening of the new building at the Picture Gallery of Paks, Hungary

'Fresh Painting' Judit Virág Contemporary Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

'The North Shore' Modern and Contemporary Art Centre, Debrecen, Hungary

'The Independent Painting' Judit Virág Gallery and Auction House

'Hungarian Contemporary Art' from the Raiffeisen Collection, Budapest

'Applied Artists', Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

2006 Cowparade, Charity Auction, Palace of Arts

Cowparade, Budapest

'The Road' 1956-2006, Kunsthalle, Budapest

'Landmark' Selection from the works of the students of Ignác Kokas, Kunsthalle,

Hommage á Mulasics, XO Gallery, Budapest

2005 'Living Classics' City Art Museum, Győr, Hungary

’The Enigma of Modernity’, Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest

XIX. National Small Objects Biennial, Pécs, Hungary

Youth Artists - FMK - those 80' KOGArt Art Foundation, Budapest

2004 ‘Classic topics II. Lithography’, Gallery IX., Budapest

2003 Art of the '90s, Selection from the Collection of the Museum of Győr, Csikász Gallery, Veszprém

2002 The 90th III., City Museum, Győr

Re Conciliations, Kiscelli Museum, Budapest

Noé Allianz, Israelite Museum, Budapest

Graphic Biennial, Miskolc

2001 Re Conciliations, Espace Commines, Paris

2000 V. Contemporary Hungarian Graphic, Japan

Hungarian Contemporary Fine Art, EU Mission, Brussels

A.R.C.O. 2000. Éri Gallery, Madrid

1999 The New Collection of the 90th, Győr

‘Head Exhibition’, Olof Palma House, Budapest

Consulate General of the Republic Hungary, New York

1998 Donau Eschingen, Hungarian Culture Week, Germany

ART-EXPO Budapest

1997 ‘New prints’, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

Selection from the Collection of the National Gallery, Budapest

Oil/ canvas, Kunsthalle, Budapest

New Works, Paksi Picture Gallery, Paks

Contemporary Collection, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Culture of the Taste, French Institut, Budapest

Contemporary Hungarian Graphic, Museo Nacional de la Culturas, Brasil

Artists Portraits, Fészek Gallery, Budapest

1996 ’Unusual prints’, World Trade Center, Vienna

Art Expo, Budapest

Art Cologne, Cologne

1995 Rape of Europe, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

Contemporary Hungarian Art in the Albertina Collection

Strange Prints, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

Strange Prints, World Trade Center, Wien

Art Fair, Art Cologne,

Budapest Gallery, Budapest

4 Artists from the Vác Atelier, Fészek Gallery, Budapest

1994 Graphic Exhibition, Fészek Club, Budapest

Fine Art in the 80th, Ernst Museum, Budapest

Exhibition of the Derkovits Scholarship, Picture Gallery, Szombathely

1993 Friendship, Pandora Gallery, Budapest

Art Expo, Budapest

1992 World Trade Center Airport, Vienna

‘The Stranger is Nice’, Budapest és Kaposvár

Art Expo, Budapest

Contemporary Hungarian Art, Sothebys‘, Budapest

Contemporary Hungarian Art, Kunsthalle, Budapest Sydny

1991 Metaphore, Pécs Gallery, Pécs, Atlanta, Georgia

Hungarian Video Art in the 80th, Toronto

Hungarian Artists, Paris

Art Expo, Budapest

1990 Féte de l image, Paris

Europe House, Albi, Paris

Contemporary Hungarian Art, Hampton

Art International USA, Europe -Ŕsia Biennial, Ankara

1989 TÉR, Pécs Gallery, Curated by Lóránd Hegyi, Pécs

Stuart Levi Gallery, New York

Ludwig Collection, Aachen

Don Soker Gallery, San Francisco

Contemporary Hungarian Art, Neue Galerie, Graz

1988 V. Europaien Graphic Biennial, Heidelberg

Prix Ars Electronic, Computer Graphic, Linz

Line Art, International Art Fair, Gent

Christie's‘ Exhibition and Auction, Amsterdam

Abstraktion and Minimal Art, Don Soker Gallery, San Francisco

1987 Table Painting Biennial, Szeged

New Works, Szent István Király Museum, Székesfehérvár

Hungarian Weeks, Dortmund

Dawn, 8 Dokumenta, Kassel

1986 Studio Exhibition, Historical Museum, Budapest

Computer Art Exhibition, Museum of Fine Art, Budapest

1985 University of California, California

Record Exhibition, Budapest

Pannon Programm, General Art, Budapest

Graphic Biennial, Miskolc

Cziffra Foundation, Paris

California Gallery, Route One, Point Reyes Santa Rosa College,

1984 XIV. Sommer Exhibition, Szeged

Rome Aquarell Exhibition, Rome

International Contemporary Art, Budapest

Hungarian Painting and Graphic Exhibition, Poznan

1983 Painting Biennial, Szeged

Hungarian Culture House, Helsinki

Contemporary Hungarian Graphic and Drawing Art, Hungarian

City Gallery, Porvo

Budapest Film Art, Budapest Gallery, Budapest

1982 I. Salgótarján Drawing Biennial, Salgótarján

1981 Yearly Young Artists Exhibition, Szentendre

Awards, accomplishments

2003 European Fine Art Scholarship, Lisbon, Portugal

1994-95 Scholarship of the Academy of Fine Art Rome

1987 Eötvös József Scholarship

1983-86 Derkovits Scholarship

Artworks in Public Collections

Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary

Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs, Hungary

István Király Museum, Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

City Library, Békéscsaba, Hungary

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

City House, Porvoo, Finland

Albertina, Dresden, Germany

Albertina, Vienna, Austria

Accademia d’Art, Grand Canaria, Spain

Contemporary Collection, Paks, Hungary

Ministry of Culture, Lisbon, Portugal