György Gáti


The interfaces between man and the world around him – this is what I am after.

For me, the features of the presentation and aesthetic quality constitute the primary value of the photograph, and when even the image, but in any event, its meaning is deeply structured.

I do not want my photos to be interesting for their recognizable objects. I focus on topics where the subject will not distract you from the meaning. Consequently, the topic is of secondary importance. My interest is in the image itself.


Selected solo Exhibitions

1989   "This is the way you sit...", Péter Pál Gallery, Szentendre

2002   "The Main Tollhouse", Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration, Sóház, Budapest

2003   "The Bridge – Details", Raiffeisen Gallery, Budapest

2005   "Eleven (11) Colours", Karinthy Salon, Budapest

2007   "Secret Relations", Valley of Arts, Teleház, Taliándörögd

2009   "MA/GÁT Fotózták", a joint exhibition with Ferenc Markovics, Palace of Arts, Budapest

2010   "SENSES – Images from the Anthroposphere", Budapest Gallery, Budapest Salon, Budapest

2010   “GÁTI / KAPA” a joint exhibition with Martti Kapanen - Galleria Harmonia - Jyväskylä, Finland

2011   "Finlandscapes", Galleria Gloria, Jyväskylä, Finland

2015   "Light-exploration", Cellar Gallery, The event of the "Budapest 100"

2017    My Virtual Reality", Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest

Selected group exhibitions

2006   Exhibition of HUNGART Scholarship Recipients Olof Palme House, Budapest

2008   AK 12 Exhibition of André Kertész Scholarship Recipients Balassi Institute, Budapest, Hungarian Cultural Institute, Paris)

2008   "Camera Obscura, Contemporary Darkrooms", Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest

2009   AK 12. Exhibition of André Kertész Scholarship Recipients Hungarian Cultural Institute, Prague (Czech Republic) / Bratislava (Slovakia)

2009   RESTART, ARC-exhibition, Ötvenhatosok square, Budapest

2010   “SETSE - Seeing Europe Through a Stranger’s Eyes”, Centre L. Malaguzzi - Reggio Emilia, Italy / Centre del Carmen di Valencia, Spain

2013   "Budapesti Immersion" New Budapest Gallery (The Whale), Budapest

2013   "Contemporary Projected Images " Capa Center, Budapest

2014   "Hommage Lucien Hervé" - Alföldi Gallery - Hódmezővásárhely and Art IX-XI Gallery, Budapest

2014   International Sculpture Symposium, Penza, Russia

2014   "House Games" - Jyväskylä, Finland

2015   "Imago Mundi" Luciano Benetton Collection, Fondazione Cini, Venezia, Italy

2016   "Pictures and Pixels | Photographic Art - and Beyond", National Salon, Kunsthalle, Budapest

2017   "Szubjektum" - Budapest Photo Festival – Várkert Bazár

2017   "Citylife", Photo-Street-Festival, BPF – Nagymező utca, Budapest

2017    "Viewfinders" Hungarian Photography from the past half century, 1967-2017, Capa Center, Budapest

2018   "Silently / Still life - Contemporary Hungarian photography" Budapest Photo Festval, Kiscelli Museum

2019   "Perspectives / Contemporary Hungarian Landscapes" Budapest Photo Festval, Kiscelli Museum

Awards, accomplishments

2017                        Cultural Capital of Europe 2023, Debrecen Contest Grand Prize

2011                        National Cultural Fund's support for the album György Gáti: SENSES2003 André Kertész Grant, Paris

2009                        Balogh Rudolf-prize

2005                        Grant of the Budapest Gallery, Salzburg

2004                        HUNGART Grant

2002 / 2014 / 2016 National Cultural Fund, Creative Scholarships

2002-2011               Hungarian Press Photo Contests prizes

2002-2003               Raiffeisen Bank Contest, 2nd prizes, Best Collection Award, and Audience Award

1986                        Record Cover of the Year