Szabolcs Szolnoki


My paintings are essentially on the verge of the abstract and the figurative, with one or the other coming to the fore. The main goal is not illustration, but expression. I always create one or more focal points through which the story of the painting can be interpreted. What falls outside of this - on the periphery - is difficult to capture, but only together do they make the picture complete and coherent. I try to apprehend and depict the layers of the human soul, sometimes in the most ordinary and sometimes in the most surprising of settings. I do not shy away from depicting social and political issues. Each painting is a separate, closed story, a small universe. In the vast majority of cases, I work in oils and acrylics on canvas.


Born in 1983 in Hungary.
Lives and works in Székesfehérvár.

University of West Hungary, faculty of arts (philosophy and art). (2002-2008.)
Member of The Hungarian Artists Association (MAOE) since 2007. Regional leader (between 2016-2020)

Works on permanent or public collections:

King St.Stephen Museum Szekesfehervar, Hungary
New Hungarian Art Gallery
Deák Gyűjtemény, Székesfehérvár 


Town-prize Fehérvár Szalon 2022.

STRABAG ArtAward Shortlisted 2022. Vienna 
Winner of various Hungarian painting prizes (2006.,2008.,2012.)
STRABAG ArtAward Selected artist (2010.)

Town-prize from Szekesfehervar (2012.)

Ajka Tárlat /Winner of Regional Prize Ajka (2008.)

Art Fairs 

- Art and Antique Budapest 2023. Faur Zsófi Gallery

 -Art Market BUDAPEST (2011-2016)
- Edinburgh Art Fair, Scotland, UK (2011.)
- Buy Art Fair, Manchester, UK (2011.)
- Reading Contemporary Art Fair, UK (2011.)

Selected Exhibitions

- My Imaginary Land Faur Zsófi Gallery Budapest (2022.)

- Faur Zsófi Gallery Káli Cool (2022.)

- City Gallery Oreghegy Szekesfehervar Hungary (2019.)
- MODEM DEBRECEN, Hungary- New tendencies in the contemporary painting-with polish and czech artists (2017.)
- Gallery NextArt Budapest (2017.)
- Art Market Budapest (2016.)
- New Hungarian Gallery Szekesfehervar (2016.)
- Social Solitude- gallery NextArt Budapest (2016.)
- Zombie Democracy- Gallery NextArt Budapest (2014.)
- Hangvilla Veszprém – „Trends in figurative painting” (2014.)
(with Sudár Péter,Csík R., Hatala P., Földesi B.)
- Art9 Gallery, „Four words”- Budapest (2013.)

- Gallery Blitz, Budapest – Contemporary auction (2013.)
- BUMBUM „POP UP”, Budapest (2012.) with Ádám Dallos

-BUMBUM Budapest with Gábor Miklós Szőke and Ádám Dallos (2012)

- „Fehérvári Szalon”, Székesfehérvár (2012.) Volksbank Galéria

- „Questionable years”, Gallery Pelikán, Székesfehérvár (2012.)

- Art Market BUDAPEST (2011.-2014.)

- Edinburgh Art Fair, Scotland, UK (2011.)

- Buy Art Fair, Manchester, UK (2011.)

- Reading Contemporary Art Fair, UK (2011.)

- Winter exhibition, Gallery Pelikán, Székesfehérvár (2011.)

- Autumn exhibition, István Csók Gallery, Székesfehérvár (2011.)

- Gallery BUMBUM, Budapest (2011.) „New works”

- „Mostly at night”, VOKE, Székesfehérvár (2011.)

- Gallery Pelikán, Székesfehérvár (2010.)

- „Fehérvári Szalon”, Székesfehérvár (2010.)

-„Premier” Gallery Duna, Budapest (2009.)

- „Light-paintings”, Castle of Devecser (2008.)

-„Ajka Tárlat” City Gallery, Ajka (2008)

- Szombathely, Gallery of Szombathely, Thesis exhibition (2008.)