Belkina, Dóka, Wakultschik | Portrait and storytelling


On the occasion of Budapest Art Week, Faur Zsófi Gallery presents a group exhibition, showcasing works from series by Katerina Belkina, Béla Dóka and Maxim Wakultschik. The images in the show are linked by their subject matter: they are all portraits, although they could not be more different regarding their subject, environment, and ways of storytelling.

In his series entitled 'Putin Fan Club', Béla Dóka depicts young members of a Putin-fanatic subculture in their intimate, personal environments. In 'Empty Spaces', Katerina Belkina examines the relationships between the individual and the city in an alienated, sterile context, while positioning herself in the centre. Maxim Wakultschik uses idealised female faces in his optical portraits as a means to produce formal plays that appear to levitate in cyberspace towards eternity.