Kudász Gábor Arion & Kudász Emma Johanna | Responsibility Check

solo exhibition

Hey Dad, What would you do if something really bad happened to me? For example, if I fell down from a cliff, or if I got really sick? What would you do if I got lost or if I were kidnapped? And what would you do if a snake bit me, or if I drowned in the lake, or if I cut myself with this knife? How would you react if I did something bad on purpose, like pouring water in your shoes or if I hid your laptop in the trash or if I embarrassed you in front of strangers, or if I never ever smiled? Would you feel ashamed if I were ugly or dumb? Would you be sad or would you be angry with me? Would you regret our quarrels afterwards, would you wish you were more kind to me? Would you forget me if I died?

Gábor Arion Kudász and Emma Johanna Kudász spent the period between the first day of school in September 2021 and All Saints Day in November at the invitation of the Kone Foundation at the Saari artist colony in Finland. The works they produced can still be seen at Puhuri in Lauttasaari and at the Mynä-Mynä-Maa nursing home in Mynämäki until the end of this year. The works presented in Faur Zsófi Gallery are complete with the materials in both exhibitions in Finland. The exhibition is supported by the National Cultural Fund and it coincides with the Budapest Month of Photography.